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or http://www.eye-of-newt.com/nazareth/index.html
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This version should correctly handle images, links, and scripts. It should also not break stylesheets and mailto: links.


Let me know at chuuu at eye-of-newt dot com if you find a page that doesn't translate properly.

The Pikachizer does not currently handle non-English alphabetic characters properly (ö and the like). It seems that until I upgrade to Perl 5.8, this isn't going to get fixed. It may, in fact, never get fixed.

The Pikachizer might not always behave properly when a Webserver does not answer the HEAD request. This was causing the Pikachizer to not translate www.pokemon.com. How embarrasing. This is mostly fixed now. (Gory details: links which link directly to non text/html documents on servers that don't answer HEAD may be returned as text/html.)

What twisted mind could come up with this?

The Pikachizer is the result of an afternoon horribly misspent by Aneel Nazareth. Comments, suggestions and exclamations of horror should be directed to pika@eye-of-newt.com.

The idea was actually Drew's, though.

Thanks to the Pokemon Picture Archive for the image above.

Arakune made this neat button:

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To use this button, paste this HTML in your target page:

<a href="http://pikachize.eye-of-newt.com/pika.cgi?refer=1">
<img src="http://pikachize.eye-of-newt.com/button.gif" alt="Pika!">

The idea to make a link that pikachizes the referrer was from Shaun Dreclin

Pikachu is a trademark of Nintendo.

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Some have asked for the source code. I'm not going to give out the translation code, but the page-fetching and dealing with tags may be of some use. Source Code

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